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In our everyday life, irrespective of our requirement when we want to purchase any oil for culinary as well as therapeutic purposes, the only choice is to buy big bottles & packs. All that has now changed with TATV – a 100% natural oil from BABA that comes with extremely convenient single serve pack with options like Sesame Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Almond Oil and Mustard Oil for the varied uses and needs of our customers. All these variants, their packaging, the purity of the oil, everything will redefine your perception about healthy living.

The changing trends and needs of our customers led us to launch TATV. It is available in bottle shaped small disposable packs for single use purpose. Our easy to handle products appeal to our customers who want a variety of oil at their disposal at all times for different purposes, but might not get through a whole bottle. The single serve packs of TATV have a shelf life of a year when properly stored.